Marvel’s Assembled: The Making of Loki is Now Streaming on Disney+

With yet another Marvel series in the can, it’s time to peel back the curtain and discover how the House of Ideas went about giving the God of Mischief his very own TV show. Disney+ has just released a new trailer for the latest installment in its Assembled documentary series, which explores the making of Loki’s first season. And as luck would have it, the new special is already available to stream on the platform. Check out the trailer below.

Assembled: The Making of Loki boasts interviews with a number of the series’ cast and crew members. Naturally, this includes Tom Hiddleston, who also pulled double duty as one of the show’s executive producers. But it also features other behind-the-scenes heavyweights like director Kate Herron, who explains her approach to setting Loki’s tone.

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“Something I always try and bring to everything I do is digging into the emotion,” said Herron. “Letting the characters be ugly in a way. For me, it feels a bit more real.”

The hour-long special will also have sit-downs with some of Loki’s production designers, who discuss how they conceptualized otherworldly locations like the TVA and The Void. Plus, viewers will get new insight into the head-spinning fifth episode and its cadre of Loki variants, including Richard E. Grant’s instantly iconic Classic Loki. Jonathan Majors’ introduction as He Who Remains will also be examined.

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