Marvel Releases Loki Variant Posters Before Series’ Finale

In a matter of days, Disney+ will air the finale of the Loki series. The latest episode of the show has seen a succession of Loki variants, each more incredible and funny than the rest. The series revealed that time is a much more flexible concept than previously thought in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s where variants come into play: different versions of the same character from other timelines. To pump up the fans, Marvel has now released a few posters for some of the Loki variants. The producers dropped posters for Kid Loki, Boastful Loki, Classic Loki, President Loki…and for Alligator Loki, of course.

You can check out the Loki variants posters in the gallery below.

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In the series, most of the Loki variants are played by different actors than Tom Hiddleston, who is once again portraying the role he originated in 2011’s Thor. Jack Veal portrays Kid Loki, who inspires respect in spite of his young age. Star Wars vet Richard E. Grant plays Classic Loki, the one who escaped Thanos. The Loki variant played by Deobia Oparei is Boastful Loki, while Alligator Loki is just a CGI animal. Hiddleston has kept the President Loki variant for himself, inspired by 2016’s Vote Loki comic series. Most of the Loki variants meet an ugly end at the hands of the TVA agents.

The first five episodes of Loki are streaming on Disney+. Episode 6 will premiere on Wednesday, July 14.

Which one is your favorite Loki variant? Let us know in the comment section below!

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