Robin Givens Lands a Key Role in Batwoman Season 3

The CW has enlisted a familiar face from Riverdale to join the cast of Batwoman’s third season. According to Deadline, Robin Givens will appear as a series regular when the show returns to the airwaves this fall.

Givens is joining the Batwoman cast as Jada Jet, a powerful CEO who runs her own company, Jet Industries. Jada is described as “passionate and hard-working,” who also “worked her way through life’s ups and downs to climb her way to the top.” In spite of her success, Jada has a “deep past” that once compelled her to give up her first-born child. Regardless, she remains very protective of her “impetuous” son. Jada may have a good heart, but she “will do whatever it takes to protect her family.”

It’s possible that Jada Jet’s name is a reference to Jezebel Jet, a love interest for Bruce Wayne who first appeared during Grant Morrison’s Batman run in 2006. As a child, Jezebel was abducted by the Black Glove organization and sold to Mtamban president Jacob Nkele, who had Jezebel’s mother executed and began to raise her as his own. Years later, Jezebel took control of Mtamba for herself.

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Givens appeared on several episodes of Riverdale as Sierra McCoy, a role she reprised on The CW’s Katy Keene spinoff. Back in the ‘90s, she starred on ABC’s Head of the Class as Darlene Merriman and will return to play the character on HBO Max’s upcoming reboot. Some of her big screen credits include co-starring in 1992’s Boomerang opposite Eddie Murphy and appearing in Chris Rock’s Head of State in 2003.

Batwoman season 3 will premiere on October 13 on The CW.

Do you have any other theories about Givens’ new character? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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