Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 3 Cold Opening Introduces Planetina

This Sunday, it’s the fourth of July. Regardless, Rick and Morty isn’t getting the weekend off! There’s a new episode debuting tomorrow on Adult Swim, which also introduces a new heroine. Meet Planetina, the defender of the world and a guardian against pollution-themed supervillains. If you’ve ever seen Captain Planet, then Planetina’s powers should be very familiar. The only thing she’s missing are the Planeteers. However, she certainly has a new fan in Morty, and possibly more.

Adult Swim has debuted the cold open for this week’s Rick and Morty, which you can watch below.

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Of course, there’s a reason why Morty is so taken by Planetina. Morty’s long-time crush, Jessica, went through some changes in the season premiere, and she just wants to be friends now. Additionally, Planetina’s brand of heroism may be more appealing to Morty than Rick’s endless cynicism. That’s why Morty couldn’t ditch Rick fast enough to spend some quality time with Planetina. However, we suspect that Rick won’t let that snub slide.

Rick and Morty season 5 episode 3 will premiere on Adult Swim this Sunday, July 4.

What do you think about the latest Rick and Morty cold open? Let us know in the comment section below!

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