Hasbro PulseCon Exclusive Retro-Carded Venom Sports Cartoon Deco

We’re not even at virtual Comic-Con yet, and Hasbro‘s already revealing exclusives for their fall PulseCon. Via Yahoo this morning, a retro-carded Venom will make his way online September-ish. The original ’90s action figure, based on the Spider-Man animated series, featured opening jaw action, powered by squeezing the figure’s legs. Modern articulation precludes such a mechanism, so he comes with two different heads instead.

Many of the figures on retro-cards are simply refreshes with animated-style packaging. Venom’s a bit more Spider-Man animation specific, with red and blue cel-shading deco highlights. They’re designed to mimic the artwork of the character on the package, which mimics a dramatic lighting scheme. Though this Venom is in 6-inch scale, retail price will be a convention markup-sized $31.49.

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Venom also comes packed with interchangeable fist and claw hands. Brain-eating demands such versatility. Not that most collectors will take him out of the package anyway. But for anyone who misses out on the exclusive version, don’t worry. If Marvel’s recent run of exclusive Hulks is any indication, they’ll come up with every possible color variant that’s remotely canonical. (Hint: the original Toy Biz toy line also included a clear Venom.)

Will you attempt to acquire this Klyntar collectible? Let us know in comments.

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