Clark Kent is Torn Between Two Families In New Superman and Lois Trailer

The CW’s Superman and Lois reintroduced Clark Kent and Lois Lane as the parents of teenage sons. Jordan has inherited part of his father’s powers, while Jonathan is painfully human so far. However, their family drama in Smallville is taking a backseat to the legacy of Krypton. That’s because Morgan Edge is actually Tal-Rho, Clark’s Kryptonian half-brother. Thanks to Tal-Rho, the minds of other Kryptonians are being placed in human bodies at an alarming rate. Tal-Rho has also threatened to wipe out the Kent family if Clark doesn’t submit to his will.

Now, The CW has dropped a new Superman and Lois trailer ahead of the next episode on Tuesday, July 13. In the clip, Lois turns to John Henry Irons for help. But she also reassures her sons that Superman will win, no matter the odds. That’s easier said than done, since Clark has to fight several Kryptonian warriors at once.

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Additionally, Elizabeth Tullock shared a message on Twitter that today marks the end of filming for season 1.

The CW has already renewed Superman and Lois for a second season. It will premiere in 2022. The first season finale will hit The CW later this summer.

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