Michael Waldron & Tom Hiddleston Weigh In on Loki and Sylvie’s Bond

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Loki episode 4!

Everyone made a big deal out of Loki episode 3 outing the God of Mischief as bisexual even though he’s never shown any romantic interest in either men or women. However, Loki episode 4 changed the game by introducing Loki’s romantic feelings towards his female doppelganger from another timeline: Sylvie. Their shared moment of attraction on Lamentis-1 frightened the TVA and threatened to disrupt reality itself.

During an interview with Marvel.com, Loki head writer Michael Waldron explained that their emotional bond was always a part of his plan.

“That was one of the cruxes of my pitch [for the series], that there was going to be a love story,” said Waldron. “We went back and forth for a little bit about, like do we really want to have this guy fall in love with another version of himself? Is that too crazy? But in a series that, to me, is ultimately about self-love, self-reflection, and forgiving yourself, it just felt right that that would be Loki’s first real love story.”

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“The look that they share, that moment, [it started as] a blossoming friendship,” added Waldron. “Then for the first time, they both feel that twinge of, ‘Oh, could this be something more? What is this I’m feeling?’ These are two beings of pure chaos that are the same person falling in love with one another. That’s a straight-up and down branch, and exactly the sort of thing that would terrify the TVA.”

Additionally, Tom Hiddleston shared his thoughts about Loki’s newfound love interest.

“I don’t think Loki’s relationship with himself has been very healthy,” admitted Hiddleston. “Trying to accept those aspects of himself, which he’s been on the run from, was a way of thinking about that in a really interesting way. Also, Sylvie’s not Loki. Sylvie is Sylvie. That’s interesting, too. I’m really excited to see what people make of it.”

“When Loki meets Sylvie, he’s inspired solely by curiosity,” added Hiddleston. “He wants to talk to her and understand her and try to discern what was similar about their experiences, and what was different. He keeps asking her questions because he wants to see if his experience was also her experience. I think he realizes, and she realizes, that while they’re the same, they’re not the same.”

The first four episodes of Loki are streaming on Disney+. Episode 5 will premiere on Wednesday, July 7.

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