The Latest Loki Featurette Puts the Spotlight on Sylvie

Warning: Spoilers for episode 3 of Loki ahead!

Now that a certain someone on Loki has revealed her name to be Sylvie, Marvel’s latest featurette puts the new-to-the-MCU character in the spotlight. Many fans assumed she would actually turn out to be the Asgardian Enchantress Amora, but so far, she seems to be exactly what she looked like from the beginning. In other words, a female variant of Loki. And the video below backs that up.

Actress Sophia Di Martino initially got billed in the show’s credits as “The Variant” in order to preserve the surprise of her identity. But with merchandise leaks indicating that she’ll be referred to as Sylvie on future products, this seems to be the character’s real name. As for her allegiances, she originally seemed poised as the surprise villain of the series. However, her new revelations about the TVA suggest the situation is far more complicated. And maybe the Sacred Timeline needs someone to blow it up.

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In the meantime, Loki is such a narcissist that he’s likely to fall in love with “himself” as a woman. Or at least team up as long as it remains convenient. And the featurette suggests her origins will prove very interesting.

What do you think of Sylvie so far? Let us know in comments.

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