Tara Strong Teases More Revelations About Miss Minutes in Loki

With three episodes under its belt, Loki has already gained plenty of fans thanks to its peculiar story. One of the most interesting characters to make a Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the series is Miss Minutes, the mascot of the TVA. In the show, the orange clock is voiced by Tara Strong, who has recently teased that there is so much more to discover about the character, whom we last saw in episode 2.

“I can cryptically tease that you’ll see her again,” Strong said while talking with THR. “There’s much more to be revealed, and it’s fun to watch that unfold. The beautiful thing about this character is you don’t really know who she is, where she’s from, what her origin story is, how sentient she is, if she has a horse in this race at all, and what her intentions are, if any. Like any good, exciting adventure, TV or film, you are left wondering that all the time. So she’s an intriguing character, and that will continue.”

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While much about Miss Minutes has yet to be revealed, the character recently got an official poster. It implies that Miss Minutes will still play a pivotal role in the story. Loki will debut its next episode on Disney+ on Wednesday, June 30. New episodes will follow every Wednesday as the titular antihero deals with the Time Variance Agency.

What do you think about Miss Minutes? Would you like to see more of her? Let us know in the comments section below.

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