Loki Episode 3 – What Did You Think?!

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Loki episode 3!

It’s time for the God of Mischief to get know himself…or herself. Disney+ has premiered the third episode of Loki, and we want to know what the Superhero Hype community thinks about it!

In the opening scene, the female Variant of Loki invades the mind of Hunter C-20. She uses her illusions to get C-20 to give up the location of the Time Keepers. The Variant also witnesses the arrival of Loki and the TVA from the previous episode. After Loki follows the Variant through her portal, he finds himself back at the TVA headquarters. Loki also realizes that the Variant has come to kill the Time Keepers.

Loki and his Variant briefly fight after she overpowers the guards. However, the arrival of Ravonna Renslayer leads to a standoff. When Loki realizes that Ravonna is more than willing to let him die with the Variant, he activates a TemPad to escape. The Variant also falls through the portal, and she eventually introduces herself as “Sylvie.” She and Loki soon learn that they are trapped in an apocalyptic event on the moon Lamentis-1 in the year 2077.

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Sylvie reluctantly aligns with Loki in order to recharge the TemPad for another portal. They sneak on a train heading towards the Ark, a starship that is being used to evacuate the elite. During some unguarded moments, Loki and Sylvie reveal personal details about each other. However, Loki soon becomes drunk and blows their cover. When Loki is tossed from the train, the TemPad is broken beyond repair.

Against her better judgment, Sylvie remains with Loki as they resolve to sneak on the Ark. She also reveals the way that her enchantment powers work. Much to Loki’s surprise, Sylvie explains that everyone at the TVA is a variant…but they don’t know it. Loki and Sylvie fight their way through a riot to reach the Ark, just as the moon is bombarded by planetary fragments. Unfortunately, their efforts were for naught. They can only watch as the Ark is destroyed by a fragment, leaving them stuck on the moon shortly before its destruction.

The first three episodes of Loki are streaming on Disney+. Episode 4 will premiere on Wednesday, June 30.

We still want to hear what you think. So make sure to leave your reviews for Loki in the comment section below!

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