Jeremy Irvine Is In Negotiations To Play Alan Scott In Green Lantern Series

Jeremy Irvine Is In Negotiations To Play Alan Scott In Green Lantern Series

In 1940, Martin Nodell created Alan Scott as DC’s first Green Lantern. However, Alan has been overshadowed by Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps in the subsequent decades. Regardless, HBO Max’s Green Lantern series is revisiting almost all of its Lanterns, including Alan. Now, Deadline is reporting that Jeremy Irvine is currently in talks with HBO Max to play Alan Scott in the series.

The Green Lantern show will keep Alan’s adventures set in 1941, and presumably play up on his loose connections to the Green Lantern Corps. Additionally, this live-action series will depict Alan as a gay man. Alan’s sexuality is a retcon that was recently adopted by DC Comics’ primary continuity. Previously, it was an alternate version of Alan that established him as a closeted gay hero.

Irvine has previously starred in USA’s Treadstone series. He has also appeared in Great ExpectationsThe Woman in Black: Angel of Death, Fallen, and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

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Finn Wittrock has already been cast as Guy Gardner, the Green Lantern of 1984. Several other Green Lanterns will also headline the series in different eras.

Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenhei, and Seth Grahame-Smith are the creative team behind Green Lantern. Geoff Johns, a longtime writer on the Green Lantern comics, will also executive produce the series.

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