New Stranger Things 4 Teaser Revisits Eleven’s Past

Yesterday, Netflix dropped a very enigmatic Stranger Things 4 teaser that suggested a new trailer was around the corner. And while the newly released footage in today’s video is simply another teaser, it does offer some insight into the next season of Stranger Things.

The footage begins in the Project MKUltra facility where Eleven and other children were experimented upon. Several kids here are also being observed by scientists. Additionally, it looks like Dr. Martin Brenner, the scientist who pursued Eleven in the first season, addresses the children directly. He also calls out to Eleven by name.

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Although Eleven has superhuman abilities, she isn’t the only one. The show introduced Kali/Eight in season 2. Eleven and Kali even briefly regarded each other as sisters because of their shared ordeal. However, they may not be the only MKUltra kids who are no longer government prisoners.

Netflix has not set a premiere date for Stranger Things 4. Regardless, the new footage suggests that the fourth season may be debuting in the near future.

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