Doom Patrol Season 3 Casts Eight New Characters

The cast of Doom Patrol just got a lot bigger. Throughout its inaugural season as an HBO Max exclusive, the series will introduce its own spins on characters from the Brotherhood of Dada and the Dead Boy Detective Agency. Naturally, the producers are making some pretty significant changes to the source material.

For starters, the Brotherhood of Dada, the absurdist supervillain team led by Mr. Nobody and created by Grant Morrison, is getting re-imagined as the Sisterhood of Dada for the TV show. Its members include Malcolm, a “quiet, sensitive and thoughtful soul” who “would often rather be invisible than face this unforgiving world.” Micah Joe Parker, who has previously guest-starred on episodes of The Flash and Mob City, is playing Malcolm. Meanwhile, Wynn Everett (Agent Carter) is playing Shelley Byron/The Fog. In the comics, this character was originally a man named Byron Shelley who had the power to transform himself into smoke. Everett’s take on Shelley is also “charming, seductive, poetic and a bit mad.”

Miles Mussenden (Cloak & Dagger) is joining the series as Lloyd Jefferson/Frenzy, another Sisterhood member. Lloyd is “a sculptor of strange life-like masks” and also possesses many tattoos and scars. Anita Kalathara (MacGyver) is playing Holly McKenzie/Sleepwalk, who gains super strength whenever she falls asleep. In this incarnation, Holly is “a light-hearted ne’er do well” who always knows where to find the best parties. Rounding out the Sisterhood’s ranks is Gina Hiraizumi (Dynasty) as Sachiko/The Quiz. On the show, Sachiko will be “an enigmatic germaphobe whose crippling phobias mask awe-inspiring powers.”

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All of the Sisterhood actors will have recurring roles in Doom Patrol season 3. Additionally, three other performers will guest-star as members of the Dead Boy Detective Agency. This group originally appeared in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series in the early ‘90s. However, they eventually made their way into the pages of other Vertigo comics, including Doom Patrol. Ty Tennant (Tolkein) and Sebastian Croft (Game of Thrones) will appear as Edwin Payne and Charles Rowland, respectively. Both characters are the ghosts of dead children who now investigate supernatural crimes. The boys will also work alongside their friend Crystal Palace, a psychic medium played by Madalyn Horcher (Jack Reacher: Never Go Back).

HBO Max still hasn’t announced a premiere date for Doom Patrol season 3.

What do you make of these latest additions to the series’ cast? Let us know in the comments down below!

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