Kathryn Hahn Explains What Drew Her To WandaVision

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for the WandaVision finale!

Even before viewers learned the truth about Kathryn Hahn’s WandaVision character, she seemed ready to steal the show’s entire first season as Agatha Harkness. Given her body of mostly comedic work, Hahn was an unconventional choice to play Marvel’s newest big bad. Regardless, her performance definitely struck a chord with audiences throughout all nine episodes of the series. In a new interview with The New York Times, Hahn explained how she made the jump from smaller productions to the MCU.

As most fans already know, this wasn’t Hahn’s first trip to the Marvel Universe. She memorably provided the voice of Olivia Octavius in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in 2018. But playing Agatha was a much bigger opportunity. According to Hahn, the scope of the series was its biggest selling point.

“They pitched it all to me,” said Hahn. “I had dipped my toe in it, with Spider-Verse, which was so fun. Then I met with Marvel in a general meeting and it was just a couple days later that they called me back to meet with [director] Matt Shakman and [showrunner] Jac Schaeffer, and they had it all laid out. I had never heard of Agatha Harkness in the comic books, but they gave me a bible on her and I went down a deep dive. And I was titillated by the ambition of it. I didn’t understand it. I couldn’t quite see it. But I thought that if we could pull it off, it would just be so thrilling.”

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At the conclusion of the WandaVision finale, Agatha was trapped in her sitcom persona of “Agnes” by Wanda. Not even Hahn knows if Marvel has any plans to bring her back down the line (“They keep it really tight”). However, it doesn’t sound like she minds waiting to find out. And the way she sees it, Agatha’s current punishment isn’t all that bad.

“I actually don’t think, ultimately, that she minds it,” continued Hahn. “She needed to rest for a hot second. She’s been very restless. I think she was very lonely, for a very, very long time. She loves having the companionship — loves the mailman, loves Ralph, loves Dottie. For the moment, I think she’s actually OK to just loosen the corset and sit and have a muffin and a latte.”

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