Taylor and Hayley Face a Ferocious Kaiju in Pacific Rim: The Black Trailer

The Pacific Rim Universe is a few days away from getting an anime-style expansion. Next week, Netflix will release Pacific Rim: The Black for its customers, expanding upon the story of Guillermo del Toro’s blockbuster movie as well as its sequel, Pacific Rim: Uprising. And now, a second trailer for the upcoming show has made its debut at the IGN Fanfest. The video features a closer look at Taylor and Hayley, an idealistic teenage boy and his naïve younger sister in search of their missing parents. During their quest, they will have to face a plethora of dangers — including a category IV kaiju — while piloting an abandoned Jaeger across a hostile landscape.

You can watch the latest Pacific Rim: The Black trailer below.

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The official synopsis for Pacific Rim: The Black reads:

“There was a time when Kaiju rose from the Pacific Rim only to encounter gigantic robots, Jaegers, built to fight them back. That time has passed. Now, Australia has been overrun by Kaiju, forcing the evacuation of an entire continent. Left behind, teenage siblings Taylor and Hayley embark on a desperate search for their missing parents, teaching themselves to pilot a battered, long-abandoned Jaeger to help in their quest and give them even the slightest hope of surviving.”

Pacific Rim: The Black will debut on Netflix on March 4.

What do you think about the latest trailer for Pacific Rim: The Black? Will you give this show a shot? Let us know in the comment section below!

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