Superman and Lois Season 1 Episode 1 – What Did You Think?!

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Superman and Lois episode 1!

For the first time since Smallville, the Man of Steel is headlining his own series again. But this time, Superman will have to share the spotlight with his wife and their sons. The CW has premiered the first episode of Superman and Lois, and we want to  know what the Superhero Hype community thinks about it!

Clark Kent briefly recounts the major moments in his life, including his arrival on Earth, his father’s death, and his first day as Superman. However, Clark’s happiest memories are his first meeting with Lois and their subsequent marriage and family. They have two sons, Jonathan and Jordan. But while Jonathan seems to have inherited some of his father’s abilities, Jordan struggles with social anxiety and alienation.

As Superman, Clark prevents a nuclear reactor from overloading…the second time this happened in recent memory. After returning home, Clark has one last phone conversation with his mom. The next day, Clark is laid off from The Daily Planet and his mother suddenly dies from a stroke. The Kent family mourns Martha in Smallville, and most of the town attends her funeral. Shortly thereafter, Jordan and Jonathan reunite with Sarah, the oldest daughter of Lana Lang and Kyle Cushing.

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In a careless accident, Jordan and Jonathan narrowly avoid being seriously injured. However, Jordan’s suspicions lead him and his brother to eventually explore the Kent family barn. Together, they find the ship that brought Clark to Earth. Confronted by his sons, Clark admits that he is Superman and the family assumes that Jonathan saved Jordan with his powers. Both sons are angered by this revelation.

Later, Clark confronts the Stranger, an armored villain who is behind the string of near nuclear meltdowns. The Stranger knows all about Clark and his weaknesses, and he taunts him before stabbing Superman with Kryptonite. Back in Smallville, Jordan kisses Sarah and earns a beat down from her boyfriend. Jonathan tries to make the save, but Jordan ultimately saves his brother by activating his heat vision and causing the bonfire to explode.

Clark survives his ordeal with the Stranger and reconciles with his sons. Lois and Clark also decide to move their family back to Smallville. Elsewhere, the Stranger is revealed to be “Captain Luthor,” presumably an alternate version of Lex Luthor.

The second episode of Superman and Lois will debut on Tuesday, March 2.

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