The Man of Steel Struggles With Family In New Superman and Lois Trailer

Next month, Superman and Lois will kick off a new era for the Arrowverse with the Man of Steel. Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch are reprising their roles as Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane from Supergirl and the Arrowverse crossovers. However, the aftermath of Crisis on Infinite Earths has changed history. Now, Lois and Clark are the parents of two teenage sons: Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) and Jordan Kent (Alexander Garfin). Their kids may also inherit their father’s powers.

The CW has released the first full trailer for Superman and Lois, which reveals that Clark’s parents, the Kents, have passed away. Clark and Lois have also apparently lost their jobs at The Daily Planet. Regardless, the bigger surprise is that Lois and Clark kept Jonathan and Jordan in the dark about their legacy. In these clips, Clark finally tells his sons that he is Superman. But the kids claim that they’ve seen Superman before, and they’re astonished to learn the truth.

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There are also a few glimpses of the other characters in this series. Dylan Walsh appears as Clark’s father-in-law, General Samuel Lane, while Emmanuelle Chriqui’s Lana Lang reunites with Clark in Smallville.

Erik Valdez also stars in the series as Lana’s husband Kyle Cushing. Inde Navarrette plays Sarah Cushing, Lana and Kyle’s daughter. She may be romantically drawn to one or both of the Kent brothers. Additionally, Wolé Parks is playing a mystery character who has yet to be revealed.

Superman and Lois will premiere on The CW on February 23.

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