Marvel’s Behind the Mask Documentary Hits Disney+ In February

Unsurprisingly, WandaVision’s recent premiere on Disney+ is the primary topic of conversation among Marvel fans right now. But aside from its upcoming slate of live-action TV shows set in the MCU, Marvel is also planning to release new documentaries that dive deep into the mythology behind their characters. Next up is Marvel’s Behind the Mask, which arrives on Disney+ in February.

As the title implies, the documentary zeroes on in the uniquely superheroic dilemma of keeping a secret identity. Although the past several years have seen Marvel superheroes going public with their identities (willingly or otherwise), the notion of a double-life meant something very different in the early ‘60s when these characters first emerged on the scene. Behind the Mask reveals how creators used this concept to “examine the evolving concept of equal rights.”

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Behind the Mask comes from director Michael Jacobs. The announcement doesn’t name names, but we can also expect appearances by several writers and artists who have worked with Marvel over the last eight decades, deftly balancing their heroics with their struggles in trying to lead “normal” lives.

Marvel got into the documentary game on Disney+ shortly after the service launched. It’s first unscripted offering, Marvel’s Hero Project, hit the platform in 2019. Last year, they also released the eight-part docuseries Marvel’s 616, which generally received top marks from critics.

Marvel’s Behind the Mask will debut on Disney+ on February 12.

Are you excited to watch the documentary when it premieres next month? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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