Report: Ethan Hawke Cast As the Villain In Moon Knight

Marvel’s Moon Knight series is just a few months away from filming, and the cast is coming together. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ethan Hawke has been cast as the main villain in the series. However, the identity of Hawke’s character was not disclosed. The report also indicates that Hawke’s deal has already been closed.

Hawke’s previous credits include Training Day, BoyhoodSinister, The Purge, and the Before Sunrise trilogy. He will also star alongside Anya Taylor-Joy in the upcoming Viking film, The Northman.

Oscar Isaac will headline Moon Knight as the title character, and his alter ego, Marc Spector. May Calamawy will also have a “key role” in the series.

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Moon Knight’s first villain was Raul Bushman, an African mercenary who left him for dead. But we can probably rule Hawke out for that character. In the comics, Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon, saved Spector’s life.  Spector also developed multiple personalities and personas, that allowed him to act as the Fist of Khonshu.

Mohamed Diab, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead will direct the series. It will begin filming in Budapest in March.

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