Frank Grillo Returning as Crossbones For Marvel’s What If…? Series

Part of the magic of Marvel’s upcoming What If…? animated series is that it allows the studio to bring back several characters regardless of their fate in the films. Now, we can also add one fan-favorite villain to the list of returning stars. Via  Collider, Frank Grillo is coming back to play Brock Rumlow/Crossbones in several episodes of What If…?

Grillo made his MCU debut in Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 2014 as an agent of Hydra. Two years later, Grillo’s Crossbones was killed off in Captain America: Civil War after he blew himself up during the opening fight in Lagos. However, Crossbones later appeared in Avengers: Endgame during a scene where the movie’s heroes traveled back in time to 2012. And according to Grillo himself, rejoining the MCU fold for its first-ever animated project was a no-brainer.

“If the President calls and says, ‘I want you to come to the White House,’ you don’t ask why,” said Grillo. “You just kind of get on a plane and go to the White House. CAA called, my agents called and said, ‘They’re doing this thing, What If…?, and they have four or five episodes planned out, you can do it all in one [day].’ I’m like, ‘Whatever, I don’t care what the money [is], it doesn’t matter, yes I’m going to do it. Absolutely. All day, every day.'”

Grillo also went on to share that he still has more work to do on the series, which he expects to resume next month.

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“[I recorded] four or five episodes… in one day or two days,” added Grillo. “And now I think I have to go in February to record a few more… I recorded that probably almost a year ago, and I’m sure with COVID and everything, everything was put on hold. But now it’s come back around. I literally don’t know anything more about it. I don’t even remember what I was doing, I don’t even remember what I said in the shows. But I think it’s gonna be cool. My little guy, my son Rio — he’s not so little, he’s 13 — he’s a crazy Marvel fan. He can’t wait to see it. He can’t wait.”

Marvel announced What If…? at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019, where they also showed off some early footage from the series. Last month, Kevin Feige premiered its first trailer during Disney’s Investor Day. The trailer also teased some of the alternate reality stories that fans can expect, including Peggy Carter receiving the Super-Soldier serum and T’Challa becoming Star-Lord. Presiding over all of these tales is The Watcher, voiced by Jeffrey Wright.

Disney+ has yet to announce a release date for What If…? Regardless, it is expected to debut this summer on Disney+.

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