Hailee Steinfeld Wears Kate Bishop’s Costume in New Hawkeye Set Pics

Marvel’s Hawkeye series has been in production for at least a week, and the earliest glimpses at Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop continue to trickle out. Previous pics from the show’s New York set have shown Steinfeld’s Kate wearing civilian clothes as she follows Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton around the city. But you can’t save the world in a peacoat. That’s why the series will show Kate wearing her purple tactical suit from the comics. Now, we have our first look at the MCU’s interpretation of this costume. You can check out a few shots of it below.

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This isn’t necessarily the final design for Kate’s costume on the series. Earlier this year, Marvel’s head of visual development, Andy Park, released new concept art for her character that’s more faithful to how she looks in the comics. So this might just be a placeholder costume for Kate as she continues to train as Clint’s new protégé.

Either way, it’s clear that the show is borrowing heavily from Matt Fraction and David Aja’s critically acclaimed Hawkeye comics. The series’ title treatment already made that obvious. Additionally, other set pics have shown Renner and Steinfeld acting alongside a Golden Retriever playing Lucky the Pizza Dog, who was a major staple of Fraction and Aja’s run.

Hawkeye’s cast also includes Florence Pugh, Vera Farmiga, Tony Dalton, Alaqua Cox, Fra Free, and Zahn McClarnon. Disney+ is expected to premiere the series in either late 2021 or early 2022.

What do you think of these latest images of Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop? Give us your impressions in the comment section below!

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