Star Trek: Picard Prequel Book Will Follow Riker and Troi’s Adventures

Star Trek: Picard fans will be glad to hear that a new Star Trek book is coming their way. Simon and Schuster has announced a brand new tie-in novel by author James Swallow for the sci-fi series that debuted this year on CBS All Access. The story will follow the USS Titan crew after the events that led to the attack on Mars. Readers will get the chance to know what happened to Commander William Riker and his wife, Deanna Troi, in the aftermath of the surprise attack. Both of them recently made an appearance in the freshman seasons of Star Trek: Picard and the animated Lower Decks. In the season finale of the former, Riker is temporarily in command of the USS Zheng He. The upcoming Star Trek Picard: The Dark Veil is the second prequel book after Star Trek Picard: The Last Best Hope.

You can check out the cover art here below.

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The official synopsis of Star Trek Picard: The Dark Veil reads:

“The Alpha Quadrant is mired in crisis. Within the United Federation of Planets, a terrorist strike on the shipyards of Mars has led to the shutdown of all relief efforts for millions of Romulans facing certain doom from an impending super­nova. But when the USS Titan is drawn into a catastrophic incident on the Romulan-Federation border, Captain William Riker, his family, and his crew find themselves caught between the shocking secrets of an enigmatic alien species and the deadly agenda of a ruthless Tal Shiar operative. Forced into a wary alliance with a Romulan starship commander, Riker and the Titan crew must uncover the truth to stop a dev­astating attack—but one wrong move could plunge the entire sector into open conflict!”

Star Trek Picard: The Last Best Hope will hit the stores in January.

What do you think about the new Star Trek: Picard prequel book? Will you give it a shot? Let us know in the comments section below.

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