Nathan Mitchell Talks Inspiration for Black Noir’s Weakness in The Boys

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched The Boys Season 2 yet!

Many fans were surprised to see Black Noir on the ropes for the first time in The Boys‘ sophomore season. The silent assassin has always behaved as an unstoppable force of nature and never backed down once, even when hurt or injured. But even he has his Achilles heel: candy bars with almonds. While talking with Comicbook, actor Nathan Mitchell — who plays the silent member of The Seven on-screen — revealed that he is the one with a nut allergy, actually, something that helped The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke to create an epic scene.

“That’s actually a personal allergy of mine,” Mitchell said. “I was talking to Karl one day and he was like, ‘Oh, that’s kind of interesting. I’m going to pitch that to Eric.’ And that’s kind of how it came about. Yeah, there was a kick, you could say, and it was pretty art imitates life in that way.”

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In the story, Black Noir faces Starlight while she is attempting to escape from Seven Tower. The dark superpowered hero deals with the blonde traitor with ease when Maeve jumps in and forces Black Noir to eat an Almond Joy. Noir immediately collapses on the ground as it looks like he is dying due to his nut allergy. The season finale didn’t say anything about his fate. However, the good news for his fans is that Black Noir will return in the next season, as Kripke revealed in a recent Q&A online. And the scene strongly suggested that Black Noir’s true identity will be different than it was in the comics.

The Boys Season 3 will debut somewhere in 2021. The first couple of seasons are available on Amazon Prime.

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