Eric Kripke Confesses His Greatest Regret in The Boys Season 2

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched The Boys Season 2 yet!

A few days ago, The Boys wrapped up its sophomore season in its traditional gruesome and politically incorrect way. This year, Eric Kripke pushed the story in even more twisted directions for Homelander and the others, and the fans generally seemed to appreciate it. But there are some things that The Boys showrunner would have done differently if he could, and he revealed the main thing in a recent feature video.

Basically, he thinks that when Homelander used Doppelganger to fulfill certain fantasies, it could have gone further. Especially when Homelander is confronted with the (simulated) possibility of sex with himself. Says Kripke, “I feel like we left money on the table with that one.”

The specific scene Kripke refers to involved Doppelganger trying to appease a very unstable Homelander, who didn’t appreciate his fellow supe’s attempts and ended up killing him. You can check the full video here below. [Slightly NSFW language.]

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The showrunner also took some time to answer a few questions from the fans on Twitter. Besides teasing a “f**king crazy” Season 3 that will feature a “Herogasm,” he revealed that the roughly planned five seasons for the show. He also said that Stormfront is definitely not dead and that Black Noir will be back in the next season.

Every episode of The Boys Season 2 is now available on Prime Video.

What do you wish Eric Kripke would have done differently in The Boys Season 2, if anything? Let us know in the comments section below.

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