Star Trek: Lower Decks Brought the Infamous Spock Helmet Toy Into Canon

The Star Trek: Lower Decks season 1 finale, which aired this past week, contained numerous callbacks and references only a longtime fan would know. From the sentient, Q-Bert like Exocomps to the slow but devious Pakleds, these references are significantly deeper cuts than the Jonathan Frakes cameo. But one blink-and-miss-it moment goes even deeper than returning Next Generation aliens, all the way back to the merchandising of the original series. The Spock helmet.

In a new video Tweeted out by the official Star Trek on CBS All-Access account, Mike McMahan explains. Though anyone who watched the Netflix The Toys That Made Us episode on Star Trek may not need the background. Basically, merchandising surrounding the original series often consisted of pre-existing toys with new Star Trek branding slapped on them. More often than not, this resulted in items that looked nothing like anything on the show. And among the most frequently derided by collectors was a plastic helmet with a siren on top and the name “Spock” written across the forehead.  Presumably somebody in marketing thought it looked similar enough to the headgear Leonard Nimoy sports in “Spock’s Brain,” though it really doesn’t.

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But just as Dave Filoni re-canonized Star Wars toy creations like the Imperial Troop Transporter and the old toy colors for Snaggletooth and Walrus Man, McMahan salvaged the Spock helmet. In episode 10, Mariner has one in her secret stash. It lacks the “Spock” name tag, but that could have been erased by someone who was never supposed to have it in the first place.

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