Watch The Boys Season 2 Short Film, “Butcher”

Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher missed the majority of The Boys season 2 before making his dramatic turn. As previously explained by showrunner Eric Kripke, Urban’s lost scenes have been edited together as a short film called Butcher. Ahead of the season’s fourth episode, Amazon has released Butcher in the Tweet below.

A few scenes from the second episode of the season are reused, as Butcher wakes up following his encounter with Becky, Homelander, and their son. However, the focus then shifts to Butcher on the run. Along the way, he hits up his old war buddy, Jock, for help.

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One of the reasons that Butcher is so off of his game is that he believed Homelander killed Becky. But the truth is much worse. Regardless, Butcher is still trying desperately to find his wife and free her from captivity. During the promo for this week’s episode, it looks like Butcher may finally catch a break.

The Boys season 2 will continue on Friday, September 11.

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