Jaskier Takes Over ‘Unauthorized’ Trailer for Making The Witcher

Just yesterday, Netflix out of the blue dropped a fantastic behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of The Witcher. The 32-minute featurette called Making The Witcher took the fans through a quest to discover some of the secrets that helped the series to become so popular in a short amount of time. And now, the streaming service has also released a sort of Honest Trailer version of yesterday’s trailer, with Joey Batey’s unpredictable Jaskier as the protagonist. Someone could argue that to make a Witcher great, all it takes is a great bard. And that someone is Jaskier.

You can watch the Jaskier’s Unauthorized and Unofficial Trailer in the player below.

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Without revealing too much for the two or three people on Earth who haven’t yet seen the show, he is Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia sidekick in the majority of The Witcher’s adventure. Even though sometimes he gets himself into big troubles — has someone called a Djinn lately? — and his white-haired friend needs to step in and save his lute from danger, Jaskier always comes up with a great story.

Batey will reprise his role in the upcoming The Witcher Season 2, which has officially resumed production on Aug. 17. The freshly-released documentary offers some knowledge about Jaskier, from the casting of the perfect actor for this role to the creation of his catchy song. Batey’s goofy character has turned out to be very successful among the fans.

Making The Witcher is already available on Netflix. The sophomore season of the show will debut somewhere in 2021.

Have you already watched Making The Witcher? If so, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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