“Daddy’s Home” In the First Teaser Trailer For The Boys Season 2

The Boys will return to Amazon Prime next month with a brand new season. But when it left off last year, the team was on the run and Billy Butcher was forced to face a devastating secret. When The Boys season 2 begins, the team is public enemy #1 and in hiding. But don’t worry, “daddy’s home” in the first teaser trailer for the new season.

Homelander and the Seven still have most of the population buying into their hero image. However, the new footage shows that Homelander can’t help losing control of his temper. His breast milk fetish is also still a thing. Meanwhile, Hughie and the rest of the Boys aren’t exactly thrilled about Butcher’s new plans. But when have they ever been?

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Additionally, the trailer introduces Stormfront, a new addition to the Seven. And she may ultimately prove to be just as deadly, if not more, than Homelander himself.

Amazon Prime will premiere the first three episodes of The Boys season 2 on September 4. New episodes will follow weekly.

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