Amazon Will Drop a Billy Butcher Short Film With The Boys Season 2

Anticipation for The Boys season 2 is high following last season’s cliffhanger ending, and we’re eager to see how Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher is holding up. Fortunately, it sounds like viewers are getting an extra dose of Butcher in the form of a new short film. During an interview with Collider, The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke revealed that Amazon will air a companion piece to the new season that focuses on Urban’s character.

Last summer, The Boys memorably concluded its first season with a major deviation from the comics. Butcher learned that not only is his long-lost wife, Becca, still alive, but she gave birth to Homelander’s son and she’s been raising him in a secret location for the past several years. This shocking revelation turns Butcher’s world upside down, so much so that he doesn’t rejoin his fellow Boys (and Girl) until the new season’s second episode. That’s where the short film comes in. This standalone adventure, simply titled Butcher, will let viewers in on what he’s been up to since his reunion with Becca. The film will hit Amazon sometime after the season 2 premiere.

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Kripke also discussed Giancarlo Esposito’s return as Vought CEO Stan Edgar. After making a brief appearance in the season 1 finale, Edgar will have an expanded presence in season 2. This might surprise Esposito’s fans, given his busy schedule with Better Call Saul, The Mandalorian, Harley Quinn, and his upcoming docu-series, The Broken and the Bad. But Kripke was eager to work with Esposito again.

“We really expand his role,” said Kripke. “With Elisabeth Shue gone, we really needed a character to represent the true monster of the show which is Vought. He does that with his icy, chilling demeanor. I’ve loved him ever since I worked with him on Revolution. He’s one of my favorite actors and I was thrilled and honored that he was open to coming back and playing again.”

The Boys season 2 will debut on Amazon Prime on September 4.

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