Netflix Officially Announces Renewal for Sixth and Final Season of Lucifer

The news was in the air since last month, but now it’s official. Netflix will produce a sixth and final season of Lucifer. The streaming giant took to Twitter to announce the good news. “The devil made us do it,” reads the caption, joking that this will be the “final, final season” of the show.

The reference in the caption hints at the fact that the show was supposed to end after Fox canceled it after three seasons back in 2018. Yet, thanks to the fans’ involvement in the #SaveLucifer campaign on social media, Netflix picked up the series and debuted the fourth season in 2019.

You can watch the official announcement video in the player below.

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The negotiations between Tom Ellis, Warner Bros., and Netflix for the renewal of a potential sixth season of the show were far from being smooth. In particular, it seemed that Ellis was the most difficult to convince to reprise his role. One month ago, reports indicated that the actor and producers finalized a deal. The rest of the cast seemed to be on board from the beginning.

Lucifer is based very loosely on the eponymous Vertigo character. The show tells the story of Lucifer Morningstar, who abandoned his throne due to boredom and unhappiness as the Lord of Hell. Lucifer Morningstar then retired to Los Angeles, where he started to take down criminals together with LAPD detective Chloe Decker.

Are you happy with the Lucifer Season 6 announcement? What do you expect from the last season of the show? Let us know in the comment section below!

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