Star Trek: Lower Decks Writer Hints at Next Generation Cameos

It’s been a while, but the Star Trek franchise is back on TV in a big way. Next up in the Trek revival is CBS All Access’ first animated venture, Star Trek: Lower Decks. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, writer Mike McMahan (Rick and Morty) teased that fans might see some familiar faces on the show.

“There are a lot of recognizable characters in the galaxy at that point,” he said. “Next Gen is my favorite era. And as a huge Trek fan, I would definitely want to try to use some of them so that I could not only build out the world, but also work with some of my heroes. But I can’t get more specific than that.

The 10-episode story of Lower Decks covers during the same period of The Next Generation.

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The writer went on to add a few details, explaining the reason for choosing not the typical heroes as the show’s protagonists.

“The big stories are happening in the bridge crew and there’s more kind of social-emotional stories happening to the Lower Deckers,” McMahan said. “So it’s like their job and the world they’re in get affected by these sci-fi stories. But the funny thing too is that whatever menial job you have to do in Star Trek, it might be something that they do every day, but it’s still sort of a fascinating look into stuff that happens onboard that haven’t been highlighted in another series.”

McMahan also added that the “guys who repair the turbo-lift” will spend a lot of time at the bar, and will have to deal with missions that the bridge crew doesn’t have to take on.

Star Trek: Lower Decks hasn’t got an official release date yet. It will hit CBS All Access somewhere in 2020.

Which Star Trek: The Next Generation character would you like to see in Lower Decks? Let us know in the comments below.

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