Ronald D. Moore Says Star Wars: Underworld Series Had ’40-Something’ Scripts

Way before The Mandalorian, George Lucas was working on a live-action Star Wars TV series involving bounty hunters. Unfortunately, the Star Wars: Underworld series never saw the light. But over the years, some details about the scrapped project have surfaced. Speaking with Collider, author Ronald D. Moore revealed that he did go to Skywalker Ranch together with a bunch of fellow writers and they worked on several scripts for the series.

“It didn’t happen ultimately, we wrote I’d say somewhere in the 40-something, 48 scripts, something like that… the theory was George wanted to write all the scripts and get ‘em all done and then he was gonna go off and figure out how to produce them, because he wanted to do a lot of cutting edge technological stuff with CG and virtual sets and so on,” Moore said.

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The show should have been set between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. According to Moore, all those scripts would have connected to one all-embracing storyline.

“I think it was pretty much one big storyline,” he added. “It was one long tale with episodic things that would happen. You know, there would be certain events [that] would happen in this episode or this episode, so it was sort of an episodic quality to some of it. But it was telling a larger narrative, in terms of the story of those particular characters in that setting.”

Moore implied that the project has been scrapped after the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney. Given The Mandalorian‘s recent success and Lucasfilm often finding a way to repurpose unused ideas later, however, it wouldn’t be unprecedented to see the company do something with the material.

Do you think that we will ever see a Star Wars: Underworld series? Let us know your guess in the comments section below.

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