Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 8 – What Did You Think?!

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for this week’s episode of Harley Quinn!

There was a big kiss last week on Harley Quinn, between Harley and her best friend, Poison Ivy.  This week, Harley and Ivy couldn’t quite be honest with each other about what happened. DC Universe has released Harley Quinn Season 2 episode 8, and we want to hear what the Superhero Hype community thinks about it!

Harley and Ivy finally had a conversation about what happened. But when Harley saw that Ivy didn’t want to acknowledge her feelings, Harley deflected. While Ivy focused on her impending wedding with Kite Man, Harley decided to become a big time villain. At Doctor Psycho’s suggestion, Harley stole a Mother Box from Mister Miracle. Additionally, Harley and her crew traveled to Apokolips and asked Darkseid for an army. But to get the parademons to follow her, Harley had to defeat Granny Goodness with the timely help of Doctor Psycho.

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Back on Earth, Commissioner Gordon spoke with the President and learned that he had to defeat Harley before Gotham City could be brought back into the United States. Ivy and Kite Man also had lunch with Kite Man’s parents. However, Ivy was upset when she saw that Kite Man’s parents treated him badly. She told them off and gave Kite Man the courage to stand up to his parents. Meanwhile, Harley’s army of parademons decimated Gordon’s forces.

Ivy appealed to Harley’s better nature, and she destroyed the staff keeping the parademons on Earth. But Harley still couldn’t confess her love for Ivy in front of Kite Man. Instead, Harley decided to throw Ivy a bachelorette party. But Doctor Psycho was upset that Harley gave up her chance at world domination. Out of disgust, Doctor Psycho quit Harley’s crew.

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