Terry Pratchett’s Satirical Fantasy Discworld Series to Be Adapted Soon

Good news for fans of the fantasy world created by Terry Pratchett. Production company Narrativia announced in a press release that they are going to adapt the Discworld book series together with Motive Picture and Endeavor Content soon. Terry Pratchett himself launched the production company back in 2012.

Discworld teems with unique characters, witty narrative and incredible literary tropes, and we feel these should be realised on screen in a form that my father would be proud of,” Co-Director of Narrativia Rhianna Pratchett said. “It’s wonderful to embark on this journey with Motive and Endeavor Content, who both perfectly share our vision to make this a reality.”

A lot of details are still under wraps at the moment. The announcement itself is unclear whether the adaptation is going to be a TV series or a series of movies, as it refers only to “screens.” Motive CEO Simon Maxwell’s statement that “Together we will produce shows that will be loved by millions of Discworld fans worldwide,” sounds more like TV to us, however. The producers’ intention, regardless, is to “remain absolutely faithful to Sir Terry Pratchett’s original, unique genius.”

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Terry Pratchett invented the Discworld series back in 1983 with The Colour of Magic novel. Discworld is a flat planet that stands on four elephants which stand on the back of a giant turtle. The final novel in the series, The Shepherd’s Crown, saw the light in 2015 after Pratchett’s death.

“The Discworld books are a huge source of joy to millions of readers, and rightly so; every paragraph, phrase and footnote was crafted with brilliance and flair and we are committed to bringing Terry’s world to the screen with the respect and care it deserves,” Managing Director of Narrativia Rob Wilkins added.

Narrativia has already seen the release of an adaptation of a novel by Terry Pratchett. Back in 2019, they released Good Omens together with Amazon Studios and BBC Studios.

Narrativia has yet to announce a date for the official release of the adaptation of the Discworld series. Have you ever read the Discworld book series? Let us know in the comments section below.