Green Arrow and the Canaries Producer Doesn’t Know If the Series Will Happen

Arrow’s recent conclusion left a big hole in the Arrowverse, but a successor series may still emerge. The CW previously announced a Green Arrow and the Canaries spinoff headlined by three of Arrow’s former leading ladies. However, the potential series’ fate is still up in the air. But this didn’t stop Green Arrow and the Canaries producer Beth Schwartz from speaking about it with ET.

“Times are obviously very different and so we don’t really know when we’ll find out,” said Schwartz. “We’re obviously super hopeful and I’m constantly having conversations [about the spinoff]. But I do not have an answer for you unfortunately.”

The spinoff will take place in Star City in the year 2040 with Katherine McNamera, Katie Cassidy, and Juliana Harkavy reprising their respective roles as Mia Queen, Laurel Lance, and Dinah Drake. Arrow’s penultimate episode served as a backdoor pilot and gave viewers their first look at what the show would look like. McNamera is getting top billing as the Green Arrow of the future. However, Schwartz revealed that the show will be paying especially close attention to Harkavy’s Dinah Drake.

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“As we’re still working on a spinoff and we’re talking about those things is, Dinah Drake’s background [is something I’d like to focus on],” said Schwartz. “We had so many stories about her family and what her life was before. We had the great story with her and [her late boyfriend] Vinny, but there was so much more to her character, which is why, in the backdoor pilot, she talks about getting married [young] and she’s a singer. There were all these things [about her we didn’t know]. And Laurel’s like, ‘Who are you?’ Because it was kind of the joke that we had amongst ourselves because we’ve talked about all these stories and we just didn’t have a chance to get them out.”

Schwartz is waiting for The CW’s greenlight to get officially start work on the show. Presumably The CW will make a decision before announcing its fall schedule next month.

Are you excited to see what Schwartz has planned for Green Arrow and the Canaries? Let us know in the comments below!

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