SYFY to Air Episodes of DC Universe’s Harley Quinn in May

Streaming services have been the go-to source of entertainment during the coronavirus pandemic. But given the number of platforms available, it’s hard to subscribe to every single one of them. Fortunately, SYFY has a workaround for DC fans to check out one of the year’s best new series. Via CBR, SYFY will begin airing episodes from Harley Quinn’s first season next month.

The first four episodes of Harley Quinn will hit SYFY on Sunday, May 3 . From there, SYFY will air the remainder of the first season in three-episode blocks every Sunday night for the rest of the month. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the network has any plans to air episodes from the second season, which premiered on DC Universe earlier this month.

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Ever since the series debuted last fall, Harley Quinn has been praised for its adult-oriented tone. But it’s not clear if SYFY’s reruns will make edits to the show’s language and violence. TBS previously aired a censored version of the Harley Quinn pilot episode. However, SYFY has definitely relaxed its content regulations in recent years. Some of its original shows, like the short-lived Deadly Class, have had no reservations about dropping the occasional F-bomb. So it’s certainly possible that episodes will air unchanged.

Are you excited to check out Harley Quinn on SYFY next month? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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