Listen to Half Moon’s “I Went to the Well” From The Walking Dead

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for the most recent episode of The Walking Dead!

Beta has been one of The Walking Dead’s most enigmatic characters since he made his debut last year. Fans of the comic book series already knew that he was more than just a wayward loner who had a chance encounter with Alpha before becoming the Whisperers’ lieutenant. But the revelation that he was once a prolific country music singer who performed under the name Half Moon differed from the source material. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, AMC is sharing Half Moon’s music with a wider audience. AMC has posted the full version of Half Moon’s “I Went to the Well,” which was played during the most recent episode. You can hear it for yourself via the official TWD Twitter account below.

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Viewers learned about Beta’s old life when he wandered into a nearby saloon and discovered several relics of his pre-apocalypse fame, including a Half Moon tour poster and a copy of his own Live in Concert LP. Throwing the record on a dusty turntable, he used the gently-strummed track to amass a new army of walkers; which he will likely send towards Alexandria to avenge Alpha’s death at the hands of Negan.

In the comics, Beta was a former basketball player who moonlighted as an actor in car commercials. The TV series also emphasized Beta’s mental instability by showing flashbacks to when Alpha met him inside an abandoned sanitarium. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem likely that this will be the show’s final word on Beta’s past.

The next episode of The Walking Dead airs this Sunday at 9pm on AMC.

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