Danai Gurira Discusses Her Final Day on The Walking Dead Set

A little over a year ago, Danai Gurira made waves within The Walking Dead fanbase when she announced that the series’ tenth season would be Michonne’s last. This news wasn’t completely unexpected, given how her film career has begun to take off. However, her departure is finally upon us, and Michonne will make her exit from the show in the coming weeks. Now, Gurira is taking viewers inside her final day on set.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly (via Heroic Hollywood), Gurira shared how her TWD family commemorated her last day of filming. Obviously, Michonne has been a big part of the show for the past several seasons. So it makes sense that the cast and crew wanted to make sure she went out with a bang…literally.

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“My last day on set of Walking Dead was 4th of July,” said Gurira. “So they did a lot of really cool things for me the night before which I didn’t expect, which was so awesome and really cool. Norman organized this big fireworks display and it was just really beautiful and there was this really cool cake that was basically Michonne, sword and all. It was a shorter day, and everyone’s trying to get going because, you know, it’s 4th of July. It was just a lot of easy love, really. There’s a lot of, of course, pain and saying goodbye and teariness, but there was such a free flow of love and that’s what sticks with me the most about that.”

The last time we saw Michonne, she was on a boat heading toward a naval base housing substantial firepower. Surprisingly, she didn’t show up in last weekend’s midseason premiere or the promo for this Sunday’s episode, “Stalker.” However, she’s rumored to make her last appearance on the show with this season’s 12th episode, “Walk with Us,” which airs on March 15.

Will you be sad to see Michonne leave The Walking Dead? Let us know in the comment section below!

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