Chris Wood, Odette Annable, and Sam Witwer Returning to Supergirl for 100th Episode

Supergirl’s fifth season is bringing in even more fan-favorite characters to make their triumphant return to the show. TVLine brings word that the series’ 100th episode will feature Chris Wood, Odette Annable, and Sam Witwer reprising their roles as Mon-El, Samantha Arias, and Ben Lockwood, respectively.

Wood made his last Supergirl appearance in season 3’s “Battles Lost and Won,” the same episode that also featured the end of Jeremy Jordan’s run as Winn Schott. Both of those characters ended traveling to the 31st century together. Jordan also returned to Supergirl earlier this season for a multi-episode arc in which he played two different Winns.

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Annable also left Supergirl after that episode aired in 2018. Her character was last seen moving to Metropolis, where she was managing L-Corp Northeast. Witwer’s Ben Lockwood, a.k.a. Agent Liberty, was most recently seen on the show last year. After a brawl with Kara Danvers, he was jailed for his xenophobic crimes against aliens living on Earth.

Within the 100th episode, the new Mr. Mxyzptlk (Thomas Lennon) will give Kara a choice. If she goes back in time, Kara may be able to share her secret with Lena Luthor and preserve their friendship. However, the timeline changes may also have dire consequences in the present. Presumably, Mon-El, Sam, and Ben will appear in scenes that show how events could have played out.

Supergirl’s 100th episode airs on February 23 on The CW.

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