Takeshi Kovacs Faces Himself In New Altered Carbon Season 2 Trailer

Later this month, Altered Carbon will return to Netflix for its second season. Although Joel Kinnaman won’t be back to play Takeshi Kovacs, MCU star Anthony Mackie is stepping in as the new Kovacs. The series takes place in a future where humanity can survive death thanks to the cybernetic “stacks” in their bodies. When they die, they can simply be put into another body.

Altered Carbon season 2’s first full trailer puts Kovacs into his latest body. He also discovers that it is a military grade body that comes with special upgrades. Additionally, Kovacs is reunited with Poe, his A.I. companion from the first season. However, Poe isn’t the only familiar face who pops up in the trailer.

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Kovacs’ lost love, Quellcrist Falconer (Renee Elise Goldsberry) also makes an appearance in the new footage. Unfortunately for Kovacs, he still has enemies as well. Someone has created a duplicate of Kovacs’ original body, as played by Will Yun Lee. To survive his latest ordeal and reunite with Falconer, Kovacs will literally have to defeat himself.

Altered Carbon season 2 will hit Netflix on February 27.

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