The Flash Showrunner Teases Cisco & Ralph’s Future Stories

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for The Flash!

The Flash left a few fans on edge this week when Cisco Ramon opted to leave Central City behind. However, in an interview with TV Guide, showrunner Eric Wallace provided assurance that Carlos Valdes’ beloved hero will return.

“This is just for a few episodes, just a temporary thing,” explained Wallace. “We need his help to defeat the bad people, to bring down all the villains and Black Hole and all that good stuff. Cisco is not going anywhere, he’s just taking a little sabbatical.”

In the meantime, another member of Team Flash will get the spotlight — Ralph Dibny, as played by Hartley Sawyer. Ralph’s search for Sue Dearbon will pay off this season, and Wallace is well aware about Ralph and Sue’s eventual love connection.

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Wallace said that the show has already “cast Sue Dearbon who will eventually, obviously, become Sue Dibny — we all know this, that’s way in the future if it were to happen.”

Natalie Dreyfuss will portray Sue on the series, and Wallace had high praise for her performance.

“[Dreyfuss] had this immediate chemistry in the auditions with Hartley that just blew us all away,” noted Wallace. “I literally said to myself, ‘That person is Sue Dearbon. Oh my goodness.’ I think we just stumbled over a gold mine and it’s terrific. 

While Wallace didn’t say when Dreyfuss will show up on the series, he hinted that it might be soon.

“We’re going to see that investigation heat up almost immediately in the front part of graphic novel number two in the first half of those episodes,” said Wallace. “Fans will not have to wait until the very end of the season to meet Sue and to see what Ralph’s investigation really uncovers. It’s some really interesting stuff.”

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