The Deep Teaches CPR in a Deleted Scene From The Boys

Last year, The Deep took a pretty significant PR hit during The Boys’ first season. So it makes sense that he and his handlers at Vought International would take the necessary steps to rehabilitate his image. And in some cases, that means public outreach. The Boys’ official Twitter account recently premiered a deleted scene from the series. It shows Chace Crawford’s Aquaman parody giving a CPR lesson to a new generation of lifeguards. You can check it out below.

Not surprisingly, the lesson doesn’t exactly go smoothly. The Deep only seems interested in showing off his own muscles and physical prowess. And as a result, he winds up totally sexualizing the noble act of saving a life. The clip is only two minutes long. But in keeping with The Boys‘ unabashedly edgy tone, there are double entendres galore. We also get to see Crawford’s character hilariously berate a young lifeguard for using her phone on the job.

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It’s anyone’s guess at this point where the show’s producers plan on taking The Deep’s story in the upcoming second season. The last time we saw the character, Vought had transferred him to Sandusky, Ohio. And if the recently released teaser trailer for the new episodes serves as any indication, he still hasn’t adjusted to the move.

The Boys’ second season will premiere this summer on Amazon Prime.

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