Crisis Producers Explain the Fate of Smallville’s Clark Kent

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Crisis on Infinite Earths episode 2!

After nearly a decade since the conclusion of Smallville, Tom Welling finally stepped back into his role as Clark Kent for Crisis on Infinite Earths. However, Welling’s role was only a short cameo as Clark revealed that he gave up his powers to settle down and start a family with Erica Durance’s Lois Lane.

Via EW, Crisis executive producer Marc Guggenheim told reporters that Welling loved that outcome for Clark.

“He was like, ‘I love this,’” related Guggenheim. “He basically said to me, ‘You guys have basically written the one scene that I can’t say no to,’ which was really really nice.”

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Batwoman showrunner and former Smallville writer, Caroline Dries, also felt this was the right conclusion.

“I think the Tom Welling Clark Kent that we all kind of picture when we think of him is Clark on the farm,” said Dries. “So, it made sense. The farm is still there. It all felt very 10 years ago in a great way. To us, it just felt natural that that’s kind of his natural environment where we’d see him.”

Regardless of Clark and Lois’ happily ever after, Clark did mention that Lex Luthor was President on his world. Would Clark really have allowed Lex to ascend to the Presidency without a way to stop him? During Smallville‘s run, a vision of the future predicted that Lex’s term as President would lead to a potential Armageddon. That sounds like a world that still needs a Superman.

What do you think about Smallville‘s Clark and Lois’ fate in Crisis on Infinite Earths? Let us know in the comment section below!

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