Supermen Unite In Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 2 Preview Scene

Supermen Unite In Crisis on Infinite Earths Episode 2 Preview

Last night, Crisis on Infinite Earths began with the destruction of some familiar worlds and ended with the death of hero. Now, The CW has released a scene from the second episode that introduces Brandon Routh’s Kingdom Come Superman.

It’s unclear if this Superman is meant to be the same one that Routh portrayed in Superman Returns. However, Routh’s Clark Kent has suffered an enormous loss at the hands of the Joker. His Arrowverse counterpart, as played by Tyler Hoechlin, is so moved that he immediately realizes that this is the Superman they’ve been looking for.

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Additionally, this clip reveals that Lex Luthor is using the Book of Destiny to kill Supermen on alternate Earths. He may have also killed the Clark Kent from Smallville. That’s why Routh’s Superman won’t fight the Anti-Monitor until Luthor is dealt with. And this time, the two Men of Steel will face their greatest foe together. John Williams’ Superman theme may also give fans a chill in this scene.

Crisis on Infinite Earths episode 2 will be tonight’s episode of Batwoman on The CW.

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