The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal On Wearing His Armor For the First Time

The premiere of the new Star Wars series The Mandalorian is less than two weeks away, and the latest trailer promised an epic tale surrounding the mysterious character. Pedro Pascal had plenty to say about suiting up as the titular bounty hunter in a new interview with Collider. When asked about that crucial moment where he knew he was in the Star Wars universe, Pascal referred to the Mandalorian armor.

“Putting the helmet on, for sure,” confessed Pascal. “They had it handy, in our first meeting, to see if it would fit, and it fit perfectly…Very simply, trying the costume on, for the first time, and looking in the mirror, you can’t see very well in the helmet, but I got a pretty clear impression of it.”

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He also talked about whether he was always in the costume for the shoot, as well as doing his own stunts. To sum up, Pascal praised his stunt double, but also explained the work behind the series.

“There’s a person working on the shine of my shoulder, and a person who built the entire ship that we’re shooting on, or the whole set. I’ve seen some pretty big sh*t, and I haven’t seen anything like this. So, yeah, there are stunt people.”

Meanwhile, his co-star, Carl Weathers, joked, “I do all of my own stunts.”

The full interview, which also includes showrunner Jon Favreau and director Dave Filoni, is available here.

The Mandalorian premieres on Disney+ starting on November 12.

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