WandaVision Star Thought She Was in Trouble When She Got the Show

With the WandaVision series on the horizon, Elizabeth Olsen’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is more than secure. But there was actually a moment when she thought she pissed Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige off. Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the WandaVision star explained that she and Paul Bettany were separately called into Feige’s office before knowing about the Disney+ series.

“When I found out about it, Feige had Paul and I come in at different times to his office and it really felt like being called into the principal’s office,” Olsen said. “He was worried he was getting fired but I think that Paul is really great at telling stories, so I don’t know how accurate that is or if it’s just a better story saying that. But for me, I just thought I got in trouble saying something about Infinity War or something at the time.”

You can watch the full interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live in the player below.

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Then the actress revealed that Feige came up with the entire concept for the upcoming show.

“It’s kind of Feige’s creation, this show, it’s an idea that he conceived,” Olsen added. “It’s pretty great. I know a lot about it.”

Every time Kevin Feige has been directly involved in a project, it turned out pretty well. WandaVision premieres in the Spring of 2021 on Disney+. What do you think about Elizabeth Olsen’s reactions to the series so far? Let us know in the comments section below.