AMC Releases The Walking Dead Season 10 Premiere Early

Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead are feverishly awaiting the debut of the tenth season this Sunday. However, AMC has provided fans way to watch it right now. The tenth season premiere is now on the AMC Premiere streaming service, which is available here. On top of that, AMC also dropped an exclusive table read from the premiere, featuring various stars from the show.

AMC Premiere runs $4.99 a month, and requires a TV provider (like Xfinity or DirecTV) in order to access it. However, there is a free trial offer for newcomers. Details on that are available here. In addition to the season premiere of The Walking Dead, AMC Premiere also offers access to full season of its most popular shows. This includes Fear the Walking Dead, and Into the Badlands. 

Furthermore, subscribers will also gain access to next month’s FearFest programming. This includes over 30 classic horror films (like the original Halloween), as well as original shows including Shudder’s Deadwax and Master Class with Eli Roth.

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But the big draw for many will be The Walking Dead. For those that can’t get enough of the show, there will also be a panel at New York Comic-Con this weekend. Along with an advance screening, it will include a panel featuring members of the cast. It takes place on October 5 at the Hulu Theater.

The Walking Dead’s official season 10 debut is on Sunday, October 6. But will you check out AMC Premiere just to see it days earlier? Let us know in the comments below!

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