AMC Gives The Walking Dead Franchise an Official Name

The Walking Dead apparently still has a lofty future ahead of it, at least if AMC has its way. The tenth season of the iconic series will premiere in a few days; and other projects are in the works. Now, AMC has opted to give its franchise an official name to tie everything together.

AMC’s official Twitter page revealed that it’s now known as The Walking Dead Universe, as you can see in the tweet below. With that announcement, AMC also has big plans for New York Comic Con. This includes a star-studded panel, as well as an “exclusive advance screening” on Saturday, October 5 at the Hulu Theater.

Although the term has been passed around for the last year or so, AMC finally made it official in time for NYCC. The network intends to tie together The Walking Dead and other projects into one big, interconnected world.

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Even if the actual The Walking Dead series comes to a close, AMC CEO Josh Sapan believes there are more than enough new stories to tell. He said this during a recent stop at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference earlier this week.

“We have an awful lot of life left in The Walking Dead,” said Sapan. “I mean, decades and decades of life left.”

The Walking Dead’s tenth season will premiere on Sunday, October 6.

Do you believe there’s enough fresh material for The Walking Dead Universe to go “decades and decades”? Let us know in the comments below!

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