New Walking Dead Season 10 Promos Aim to Silence the Whisperers

Last spring’s season finale of The Walking Dead set the stage for a protracted showdown between the survivors and the Whisperers. Now, with the season 10 premiere on the horizon, AMC is ramping up for the coming conflict. AMC has begun hyping the series’ return with new promos that tease the heroes’ plan to “Silence the Whisperers.”

The latest teasers show several familiar characters on their guard in a gloomy forest. Daryl, Michonne, Carol, Eugene, and more brace for an ambush that could happen at any second. It also looks like Negan will finally team up with the survivors this year as opposed to spending more time in a jail cell. After rescuing Judith and Daryl’s dog during last season’s blizzard, Negan seems to have accrued enough goodwill with the community leaders to join the fight. You can check out the promo via Twitter below.

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The clip ends with rapid-fire shots of the cast members putting their fingers to their lips in a “shush” gesture. However, it’s worth noting that Michonne’s face is the last one shown, and the teaser ends with the light going dark on her face. We already know that Danai Gurira is exiting the series this year, so this might be foreshadowing her character’s fate.

AMC previously released a similar promo earlier this week. This one concentrates on recent TWD additions Connie, Yumiko, and Magna, who each take turns spray-painting the “Silence the Whisperers” tagline on a wall. It suggests that these characters will have a much bigger role to play in the upcoming episodes. You can view this teaser below as well.

The Walking Dead season 10 premieres on October 6.

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