Pedro Pascal and Jon Favreau Compare The Mandalorian to Boba Fett

Star Wars fans never got their Boba Fett standalone film. But when The Mandalorian premieres this fall, it will introduce viewers to a new bounty hunter sporting a similar suit of armor. Naturally, the series has resulted in several comparisons to the fan-favorite character from the original trilogy. However, according to series star Pedro Pascal, there is one crucial difference between the two.

Pascal recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly to discuss his upcoming turn as The Mandalorian’s title character. Apparently, one of his more defining attributes is his capacity for good. This places him in stark contrast with Boba Fett, who was never seen as anything other than a villain.

“Ultimately he wants to do the right thing,” said Pascal. “But his duties could very much be in conflict with his destiny and doing the right thing has many faces. It can be a very windy road.”

Showrunner Jon Favreau also expounded on the show’s post-Return of the Jedi backdrop. From the sound of things, the character’s biggest challenge will be navigating the new world order brought about by the Empire’s collapse.

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“Our guy is operating in a much more unforgiving landscape,” said Favreau. “A place where survival is difficult enough, let alone flourishing in that atmosphere and the politics have dissolved. It’s ‘might is right.’ And how does somebody earn a living when there’s no structure to society anymore and everything is collapsing in on itself? How do you work your way through the world?”

Favreau was also quick to point out that Boba Fett was a clone of his “father,” Jango Fett. So technically, he wasn’t a real Mandalorian like the new series’ protagonist. This gives them the opportunity to delve into the race’s history on the show.

“Our guy is a Mandalorian, and we definitely explore the culture of the Mandalorian,” added Favreau.

The Mandalorian launches on Disney+ on November 12.

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